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Digital Media Business Development

You would be an independent contractor marketing products fulfilled by 5 Tool Digital.

Yes. You would be responsible for identifying and closing client opportunities in our target markets.

Cold Calling Definition:

Cold calling is contacting any prospect who currently isn’t “raising their hand” at the moment.

You would be making an unsolicited call on (someone), by phone, text, e-mail or in person, in an attempt to sell our digital marketing services. 

During training you would learn in-person cold calling has the highest conversion rate, so you would spend less time on the first three methods.

An independent contractor is an individual that provides services to another individual or business. The independent contractor is a separate business entity and is not considered an employee.

You would be responsible for making your own schedule and in control of your own destiny relating to income potential. 


You control your days. If you want to hit the streets all day, fantastic. If you want to make phone calls or send emails all day, great. If you need to take the day off to be with your kids or at a doctors appointment, no problem. You are your own boss. Make as little or as much money as you want.

You will be only selling the five services of 5 Tool Digital. Website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO) , social media management, online reviews and reputation, and digital ads (PPC).

Our ideal clients are small business owners looking to enhance their online presence. Large national companies are not our forte. We specialize in three arenas. 

Home improvement
Examples are: 
Shutters & blinds
Garage doors
Home security & alarms
Kitchens, baths, countertops

Professional services
Examples are: 
Dentists & ortho
Assisted living

Location-based retail
Examples are: 
Day spa/salon
Auto repair
Health & fitness

It’s simple. All our contracts are 12-month agreements. When you sign someone up, you get the first month’s payment immediately as commission. This way you’re making money right away!

You then also receive their 6th payment. These two payouts are your commission. The other 10 client payments go towards the fulfillment of the products.

Our product bundles sell in a range at prices from $500/mo to $1000/mo. 

Not everyone buys the large bundle, so assuming a worst-case scenario, our average ticket price can fall in the $500/mo range.

So for example, if you close four deals a month at an average rate, you will make around $48k/yr. Eight deals a month could get you close to a six-figure income. 

So you can see it’s very easy to build up a lucrative income as you add clients each month.

That’s totally up to you. As an independent contractor, you create your own salary. Want to make a million dollars? How hard are you willing to work…

You will answer to our knowledgable 5 Tool Digital fulfillment manager, Katie. She can answer any questions you have. When it’s time to hand over the client, she takes care of the rest.

Success Trait #1: Upbeat
You’re going to hear a lot of “no” in sales. Unfortunately, there’s no way around this.
Hearing negative responses on a regular basis can be extremely disheartening. But for successful people, “no” doesn’t mean the end.
“No” doesn’t always mean no forever, it just means not right now.
Successful salespeople face setbacks with a positive attitude, they learn from them, and always look for an opportunity.
They come out of the most difficult of situations stronger than before. 

Success Trait #2: Passionate
Being passionate about your job means more than just working to meet a quota. 
Truly passionate salespeople work towards higher goals, like personal excellence and building long-lasting relationships.
Being truly passionate about the right things will have long-term benefits that continue to pay back for your entire career.
Top salespeople are passionate about growing their careers, and making sure they always bring their A-game.
However, they are primarily focused on making an impact on people’s lives, and they work towards that goal every single day. 

Success Trait #3: Creative
Creativity is important in sales. 
You may not think so, because creativity is often associated with writers and artists, but it’s true.
The top performers in sales look at things differently. 
Their creative thinking and analytical skills enable them to offer solutions that others just don’t see. 
They are resourceful, making the best out of whatever they have.
If you want to be the best, you need to be a creative problem solver who can come up with new and novel ways to help your customers — and by extension, you company.

Success Trait #4: Empathetic
Empathy and compassion are prerequisites to great customer service.
Empathetic salespeople listen intently to what actually affects people, and then provide them with the freedom to express their thoughts and concerns.
The best salespeople will put themselves in other people’s shoes — with no judgment or ulterior motives — to truly understand the other person. This tells them how best to help their clients.
You should always keep your customer’s success front-of-mind
If you truly care for your prospects, customers, and colleagues, it will show, and you will reap the rewards that trust will bring. 

Success Trait #5: Accountable
Accountability is important. Whether your taking credit for a success or a failure, you need to take accountability for your actions. 
The best salespeople take complete ownership over their work, and they do it with dignity and respect. 
Highly effective salespeople know how to take full responsibility for their own actions and do not blame other people or external influences that can affect results.
If something goes wrong, they take it upon themselves to find out why and fix it.
If something goes great, they find out why and cultivate it.
Successful salespeople don’t pass the buck.

Success Trait #6: Well-Prepared
Impressing clients and persuading them to spend money is no cake walk. 
Closing a deal requires a tremendous amount of research, confidence, and a flawless execution.
There are a lot of ways to get it wrong, and only one sure fire way to impress — be prepared.
Highly successful salespeople use every resource at their disposal to research and prepare for every call, meeting, and deal. 
They know everything about their product, every potential objection, and they know exactly what they are going to pitch before they ever walk into the meeting room.
They do NOT go on-and-on about products and services without offering something of value in easy-to-understand, jargon-free, talk.
Every presentation is tailor made and meticulously prepared for. There’s no excuse for getting this one wrong. It simply boils down to doing the work.

Success Trait #7: Tech-Savvy
Technology is an important aspect of Sales, and every year it gets a bigger role. 
CRMs, automation tools, AI, and every other innovation, past and future, have changed the way sales is done on a daily basis. 
In today’s sales world, if you’re not on the cutting edge, you’re behind.
Winning salespeople stay updated on the latest market trends, products, and technology.
They use any and all kinds of sales tools available to be more efficient and more successful.
The most successful salespeople are ahead of the game for a reason — they invest time in their tools. 

Success Trait #8: Highly Engaged
Being engaged is important. You need to be active and present every day at your company.
You need to love being a part of the organization you represent. 
Top salespeople almost universally love their job and the people they work with. They believe in their product, which means they can sell with complete conviction.
They are active and plugged in to their organization. They participate in assessments, surveys, and training programs. 
They take advantage of every resource their company provides. 
If you do this, your organization will also invest in you. 
When a company recognizes it has a superstar, they won’t want to lose you. So be plugged in. 

Success Trait #9: Goal-Oriented
The ability to set (and stick to) personal and professional goals is a common trait of the most successful salespeople.
I think most salespeople are goal-oriented. That’s likely part of the reason you ended up in sales in the first place.
Top sales pros take it to another level. 
They don’t just have a vague goal or direction. They know exactly what they want to accomplish (and by when), and they will plan everything around these targets.
The best salespeople also set ambitious goals — ambitious but achievable.
Successful salespeople set long-term goals that help them grow as an individual and as a professional. 
Reaching these goals requires patience, planning, and a long-term vision.
If you don’t know where you’re going, how are you going to get there?

Success Trait #10: Relationship-Driven
Sales is all about relationships.
The best salespeople know the importance of building trust, and ensuring satisfaction with every deal. 
They also know these things can take time, which is why they follow up with prospects and clients regularly over time, not only when they’re trying to close a deal.
The key here is authenticity. 
The relationship needs to be authentic, not simply transactional.
There will undoubtedly be wins and losses, but the most successful salespeople never say goodbye to clients. 
They continue to help and support those they’ve already sold to, and reach out to people who have said no in the past.
The most effective salespeople know relationships are what drives sales, and they are personally driven by forming these long-term relationships.

Truthfully, not a lot. As an independent contractor, you are pretty much steering your own ship. But, as a representative of 5 Tool Digital, you would be expected to be courteous, respectful and professional.

We are digital marketing specialists that will help businesses grow by building their online presence. 

Why Choose Us?

  • We Have Over 18 Years Marketing Experience
  • Low Cost Investment Vs. More Expensive Competitors
  • We Focus On SMB’s (Small To Medium Size Business Owners)
  • We Are A Google Premier Partner
  • Our Software Tracks Your Visitors, Leads, Calls, Reviews, And Site Traffic
  • We Provide Extensive Transparent Monthly Reporting
  • We Offer Full Website/URL/Account Ownership



Our in-house team of digital marketing experts handles ALL the fulfillment and client relations side from our corporate headquarters in Winston-Salem, NC.